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Just need to fill some knowledge gaps, find a sounding board, or cherry pick a few details, to take the next step? Or need an employee? Connect to Age 45+ Expertise from all functional areas, seniority levels, and industries, and benefit from our 5 ways of creating value for you.


Example: Medium-sized manufacturer. First time exporter. No international experience.

Posted RequirementsProject.  Marketing Director. Expressions of interest from Expertise.

Found: Several complementary age 45+ Businesspeople with extensive experience in the countries targeted.


1. What's your requirement?

Perhaps it's something like these examples from various company sizes.  Or maybe you want to address one or more of the top 10 reasons businesses fail, so you can avoid these predictable, mission-critical mistakes.






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2. How do you want to tackle your requirement?


3. Who will you choose to help you address your requirements?


Two ways to find the Expertise right for your needs:





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