3rd Party Sources: Key Business Commentators Recommending Businesses Leverage Experienced Knowledge Workers


The following is a list of links to key commentary on the opportunity and the need to retain and attract older businesspeople in the workforce:


Eightfold.ai Extends Talent Intelligence Platform with Launch of Project  Marketplace Interesting to note that this is an AI expert company, which says that in era of artificial intelligence, businesses need experienced humans more than ever. In fact, it says "in a strange twist, the labour shortage will shift the narrative on age and employment...necessity is kicking ageism to the curb."


   "Canadian workers in their 50s and 60s: Overlooked and Underutilized."


        "By 2030, 150 million jobs will have shifted to workers age 55+ globally...Leading companies focus on recruiting, retaining, reskilling, and respecting the strengths of this group of workers."


   Our skilled/knowledge worker shortage is more of a mismatch, where the right people are out there but businesses can't find them.


           “The labor market needs the soft skills older workers have”  (i.e. communication, collaboration, patience, empathy, dependability,...)


       The gap between workers age 55+ who want to work vs. those who are represents the potential for US$5 trillion in incremental annual GDP in high income countries."


       Ageism in the workplace, against workers over 50, gets in the way of using the right talent for the context. As such it impedes business results, so is "backfiring badly".


       "Ageism and age-related bias obstruct the contributions of experienced workers." All the common biases underpinning ageism (Less productive, difficiulty learning new skills and technology, and more costly) have been debunked. 


     "Longer working lives are linked more to ability, desire, and need than to chronological age." We need to shift from a "deficit mindset" toward aging to properly account for how people now age, and the net positive economic, social, and the bottom line contributions of older adults.


        Aging is maleable, only 25% detemined by our genetics. For those older adults who live rather healthy lives, the extra years of life that longevity brings are not added at the end as year in ill health, but are more likely experienced as extended middle age and the continued productivity that goes with that. - Source: Andrew Scott, LBS, "The New Long Life".