Age 45+ : A Compelling Bundle of Capabilities


You don’t look for talent by age. You couldn’t until now.

Maybe you haven’t recognized the benefit in doing so.


We expand the view of value -  you’ll recognize what “age 45+” actually represents, & that it helps lead to competitive advantage.


The Importance of Timeless Knowledge That Comes From Experience 




  • Age 50 founders are 2X more successful than age 30 – expertise also be applied to small & medium businesses (MIT-Wharton study)

  • Age 50s & 60s are peak years of conceptualization, strategy, innovation  (brain neuro-plasticity research)

  • Extended middle years of productivity – not aging like our parents

  • Lifetime of experience adopting new technologies & managing change, as a people process

  • Complementary to AI – insights for guardrails, interpretations, applications of AI


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5 Ways Age 45+ Create Value For Your Business



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