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An Additional, Efficient, and Specialized Talent Source:

Match Age 45+ Expertise to Your Requirements


  • Cheaper and faster than recruiters & consultancies, more targeted and quality-driven than large job boards like Monster and Indeed.

  •  Connect to hard-to-find, proven talent for all of your needs.

  • All functions, seniorities, industries. Consultations, contracts, or p/t, f/t employment.

  • Find talent by browsing expertise listings and by posting your jobs.





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The "Long Tail" Solution


We attract often hard-to-find age 45+ Canadian business expertise, including somewhat unique or specialized, which enables us to overcome the "long tail" challenge.









Your most efficient source for business expertise for all your talent requirements:



Self-Service: No fees until you hire age 45+ Expertise

Post your jobs, connect to candidates to start the conversation. Choose, negotiate, and complete the work. Pay when you commission the work, and funds are held in escrow by Stripe, our payments processor, then released to the expertise only one they and your business agree the work is completed to its satisfaction.


If you don't see the age 45+ expertise you seek, we'll get it for you and then let you know it's here.

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Quality Control

We do the first level vetting of the expertise, from admin/coordinator to manager, director, executive, C-suite and board level. You can also see how the expertise is rated by businesses who have previously hired them.


Our Social Purpose

Our founder, David Smith, has started 4 businesses, including 2 where his consulting was in various forms: contract, project, retainer. He has also worked for and with large multinational, national, medium-sized, small, and start-up companies where he hired external expertise as consultants, contractors, projects, retainer, and as employees. Benefiting businesses and age 45+ is our path to making profits. Learn about Our Social Purpose.


5 Reasons To Use Elderberry.work for Talent Sourcing


  1. Efficient, custom solutions: On-demand, hard-to-find expertise, custom-fit for all your requirements.

  2. Cost-effective: No costs until you hire expertise for a job, and expertise tend to have fees lower than consultancies and full-time equivalents.

  3. Value added:  Subject matter expertise + knowledge & wisdom + soft skills.  Be recognized for your age-friendliness and contribute to your DEI plan.

  4. Quality control: We use leading services to ensure safe & secure communications and payments processing, via Amazon Web Services and Stripe.

  5. Social enterprise: Helping  both age 45+ businesspeople and businesses as our way of making profits. More info here.


How to Complete a Transaction

When you find a match, Age 45+ Expertise to Business,  the business commissioning the work and payment details:


Completing a Transaction