We are Your Ally

We Advocate for Age 45+ and Champion Your Talent


  • We’re out in front of you, helping businesses to appreciate and value your experience.

  • We provide age-friendly opportunities for you.

  • We’re a social enterprise, helping you first, and keeping as much of your fees in your pocket as possible.



Be Part of An Active, Engaged Community

  • You’ll quickly feel the sense of common purpose amongst Elderberry.work talent – the feeling that we’re in this together, proving our value persists, and knowing that together we will thrive

  • You’ll find that others freely help each other, mentor, share tips and best practices




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Work on Your Terms

  • How much, when, where, how - consulting, freelancing, or hired by companies as an employee

  • Set and negotiate your own fees

  • Decide among opportunities available who you would like to do work for 


We Make it Easy

  • Use your existing expertise – no need for career re-training/transitions, nor being underemployed

  • We help create a market for your expertise

  • We provide guidance to help you get started consulting or freelancing

  • We provide a targeted marketing opportunity for you; no need to become a social media expert and build a large social media presence

  • We make sure you get paid for work completed, by handling payments processing through global payments leader Stripe


"Expertise": simply means subject matter expertise for your function and seniority from 15-20+ years in business or other types of organizations.


2 Ways to Find Work: Browse Jobs and List Your Expertise

We recommend you do both, free, to optimize your work opportunities with a persistent presence today and in future.

Contact businesses, and they contact you, quickly & directly through your private messaging we provide once you sign-up.


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