Signing up is straight forward. Just follow the easy instructions below.


2 quick and easy steps. Note that you are not visible to other users until you complete step 2.

A couple of short questions, mostly checking boxes, generates:

step 1 - your account set-up and profile, and

step 2 - your expertise listing(s) or job posting(s).



Step 1: Sign up to create your private account and public profile


  • Go to the relevant sign-up page: this for age 45+ expertise and this for businesses

  • This sets up your private account, your public profile (1st screen shot below), and personal dashboard (2nd screenshot)

  • Confirm your account set-up by clicking on the link in the email we send you



 Accessing Your Account:  #1 in the screenshot below

  • After you sign in, your name will be in the upper right hand corner of all our webpages

  • Hover your mouse over your name to see a drop down box of choices

  • Choose "Dashboard"



Using Your Personal, Private Dashboard:  See the numbered features in the screenshot below

#2 - Inbox: exchange messages with other users; red circle indicates you received messages

#3 - Save your "favourites", i.e. jobs or expertise you want to shortlist

#4 - Add & track your expertise listings or if a business, your job postings ("listing" is used in both cases here)

#5 - Track your work and income if age 45+ expertise; if a business, use the "My orders / View all my orders" feature

#6 - View / edit your account; add your photo or if a business your company logo;  enter your banking information if age 45+ expertise, so that we can process payments into your account (through our payments processor Stripe); you can enter your bank account details later, but note you will not be able to take on any jobs until it is added.



  • Businesses do not need to enter bank account information - you will pay by credit card when you commission work by age 45+ expertise (or let us know if you prefer to use an e-transfer).

  • We do not see nor have access to any user's financial information - that is all entered directly into Stripe's system.





 Step 2 - Create your expertise listing or job posting to be visible to other users

  • Use dashboard feature "Add a new listing", (purple button), as in feature #4 in the dashboard example above

  • Choose your relevant category among the 9 options found under "Age 45+ Expertise - All" or for businesses "Business Posted Jobs - All"

  • Screenshot below shows what an expertise listing looks like; a business job posting looks essentially the same

  • We review and approve all listings and postings before they go live, which could take up to 24 hours; we may contact you for validation



Create Additional Expertise Listings or Job Postings

  • Add more expertise listings to cover all of your skillset, in the same or different categories

  • Add more job postings to cover all your requirements, in the same or different categories

  • Screenshot below shows how you can easily track your listings or postings





When you find a match, Age 45+ Expertise to Business, here's how to complete the transaction, the business commissioning the work and payment details:


Completing a Transaction



Our Fees & Assurance

Age 45+ Expertise: Guidance on getting started as a freelancer

Age 45+ : Optional proposal template to use, and send as an attachment when messaging a business

Business: Optional job details template to use and send as an attachment to expertise candidates

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