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For Canadian Businesspeople: All Functional Areas, Seniority Levels, and Industries. 


Definition: Don't be intimidated by the term "Expertise".  We simply mean that you have 15-20 or more years of experience in business or other types of organizations, such that you have subject matter expertise and are proficient in your functional areas(s) for your level of seniority. Your maturity has earned you knowledge & wisdom &  soft skill development (i.e. communication, collaboration, accountability, resilience).


Your 5 Reasons:


  1. Your terms: Whatever your motivation - purpose, contributing value, activity, engagement, legacy, or financial. Work when, how much, where you want. 

  2. Your expertise: No need for career transitions/retraining, or being under-employed. You don’t need to be working as a consultant already to freelance with us. Keep current on your knowledge.

  3. Your clients: 2 ways to find them, and we feature age-friendly companies. Unlike recruiters and job boards where you apply for only one job, sign up once with us to tap into ongoing opportunities. We attract potential customers for you. You can find them AND they can find you to propose jobs based on your expertise and availability.

  4. Your payments: Low fees, paid only when you get paid. We safely and securely handle payments processing, through global payments leader, Stripe. We make sure you get paid for work completed.

  5. Your success: Ultimately it's all about your experience. We provide insights on starting as a freelancer, client reviews to recognize your good work, connect you to a community of peers, and share best practices to help you keep it going well.