Once You Find a Match: How To Complete a Transaction



 The screen capture examples in the steps below show what Businesses will see when looking for Expertise.

When looking for jobs, Age 45+ Expertise will see the same look, but with job postings and company profiles instead.


Pricing Jobs, Fees, and Timing

Age 45+ expertise listings include directional cost per hour, day, or project. Actual costs will be determined based on the job’s specifications and negotiations between the Business and the Expertise.

To help keep costs down for both Businesses and Expertise, Elderberry.work splits the transaction fee between them, which includes the payment processing fee to our global payments leader, Stripe, for its advanced data privacy and protection practices and relationships with all major banks.

The job payment is charged to the Businesses' credit card when the job is agreed to (contact us if you prefer an e-transfer), and held in escrow by Stripe. It is deposited into the age 45+ bank account when the work is completed to the agreement of both Expertise and the Business.

Note that Elderberry.work never sees anyone's financial/banking information - that is input into Stripe's payments processing system.


Steps to Completing a Transaction:

The following easy and fast sequence focuses on the "YOU Find Them" approach, browsing expertise listings or job postings.


Alternatively, if you want the "THEY Find You" approach:  Post your job(s) so Age 45+ Expertise will contact you, or list your expertise so businesses will contact you. See sign-up instructions for doing that.


1.  YOU Find Them: Browse (or keyword search) to find Age 45+ Expertise of interest. Review all listings, or narrow it by choosing 1 of 9 categories, such as in this example.




2.  Review candidates' expertise listing, a quick overview, and click on their photo in the listing to then see their personal profile for more information about them, as in the 2nd screenshot below.




 3. Short list your top Age 45+ candidates, by clicking on the "heart" in the corner of their photo to save them as favourites.




4. In their listing, click on the "Contact [name]" button, to message someone.  Note that you have to be signed up and signed in to do this.





5. Message to send them more details about your job requirements, as  a document  attachment, such as a pdf in the screen shot example. Use our optional template to save time, or your own format.




6. Discuss, negotiate, finalize job scope & terms. For all live discussions between you and the Expertise, we cannot currently do cell phone or video calls. Please use your choice of phone or internet meeting/call application, such as Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams.

When your discusssions are complete and you have a final version of your agreed work requirements document, send it to the Expertise. The Expertise will then use their dashboard to send you a price proposal, for you to accept or decline.  

Note that the finalized transaction agreement must always be led by the Expertise submitting the final proposal to the Business - it cannot be finalized by the Business sending a proposal to the Expertise.



7.  Your dashboard lets you agree to a job, initiate it, confirm completion of the work, and pay for it. The 2nd image below shows how your dashboard will keep track of all your jobs and payments.