Self-Serve: A la Carte Menu of Talent Opportunities

  • Our talent pipeline helps a wide variety of organizations accelerate, innovate, and improve.

  • Tackle large and small requirements, strategic and tactical.

  • Access pre-qualified talent of all seniorities, functions, industries.

  • Quickly short-list and select talent for consults, contracts, or employment.


Small & Medium-sized Businesses


  • Working too many hours? Find experienced talent for added leadership & capacity.

  • Selling or buying a business? Access relevant operating expertise to help “pretty up” your business to sell, or create a new plan for a business you buy.

  • HR issues but no HR staff? Sage advice is available, fractional or consultant.


New Markets

  • International business opportunities? Tap into expertise with your target markets, culture, regulations, competitors, customers, etc.

  • Business development/sales challenges? Pull in professionals for networks, process assistance, training staff.

  • Domestic opportunities? Use sales & business development experience, across the value chain, to plan, find partners, implement.

  • New product opportunities? Access product development, procurement, regulatory, legal experience.



  • New technology adoption? Use just the right experience and within your budget.

  • Cost reductions? Capture experience for process re-design evaluation.

  • Basic systems to catch up with growth? Find the right seniority level for administration, internal communication, accounting expertise.



  • Marketing your B2B or B2C business? We’ve got strategists, branders, digital & social media marketers, content creators, video producers.



  • Basic accounting systems and processing? Tap into experienced accountants of various levels for fractional, project, or full-time assignments.

  • Raising money? Find the pitch experience to help you through it.



  • Specialized needs such as sustainability or DEI? Experts are close at hand.


  Browse Talent Post Your Job   Why Age 45+?


 Enterprises including Large Companies, Public Service, Academia Staff

Inject proven, high value expertise that helps your company, in addition to skill and task-based requirements, build long term competitive advantage :

  • Be more agile, adaptable

  • Assess risks, become more resilient

  • Foster entrepreneurial mindsets

  • Boost team productivity through multigenerational contributions

  • Develop and mentor staff

  • Manage capacity constraints – temporary or long-term

  • Accelerate new initiatives through knowledge transfer

  • Provide stronger insights from across your value chain


Trade Associations: Industry-specific or Function-specific

3 ways provides unique value for these organizations:

  • Provide flexible talent solutions for member companies - for your function/industry and beyond.

  • Provide age-friendly opportunities for individuals as they age up, from your usual business network and beyond.

  • Provide age-friendly opportunities for retired, former members/participants, from your usual business network and beyond.



Charities and Non-Profits

Agile, proven expertise transferrable from business sector. Tap into talent based on your requirements and budget.