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  • All functions: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, HR, IT, Legal, Purchasing, GR, IR, etc.

  • All seniorities: From Admin/Coordinator to C-suite


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Why? Because Canadian businesses need experienced Canadian businesspeople:

  • low rates of new business formation: "weak entrepreneurial culture"

  • high failure rate of businesses

  • low rates of businesses growing from small to medium and medium to large.


 We Match Your Age 45+ Canadian Expertise to Canadian Businesses:

"Expertise" simply means you have 15-20 + years experience in business or other types of organizations, so you have knowledge, wisdom and soft skill development relevant to your function, seniority, industry.

  • you are now accessible: because too often it is hard-to-find you/your expertise

  • you don't have to be a consultant already

  • your expertise helps companies efficiently tackle their challenges and opportunities



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