Posted on 2024-02-14

Senior Strategist - Publicis Montreal

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Overview of the Expertise Listing or Job Posting

senior 360 strategy .

Concretely, you will have to:

Market and competitive analysis to identify differentiation opportunities for the client.
Development of brand strategy for the client's advertising campaigns.
Developing campaign plans for different marketing channels, such as television, social media, online marketing, etc.
Collaboration with creative teams to ensure brand strategy is consistent across all advertising campaigns.
Track and analyze campaign performance to optimize future efforts.
Managing client relationships and participating in presentations to present strategies and results.
You have extensive experience in brand strategy and creative strategy positions (at least 5 years), part of which in an agency;
You are recognized for your involvement in campaigns that stood out and achieved interesting results; you have participated in the promotion of brands in several industries;
You easily build authentic relationships with people from varied backgrounds;
You are oriented towards achieving business objectives and organizational performance;
You are able to effectively explain your thoughts, orally and in writing, in French and in English; you are an excellent communicator and popularizer;
You want to participate in the growth of your business by proactively identifying opportunities and implementing original initiatives.
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What key issues / barriers to growth do you need this job to help your business with? [choose as many as relevant]

  • Market Intelligence & Business Strategies - domestic
  • Revenue Growth - domestic markets
  • Consumer Marketing / Branding / Communications
  • Sales, Business-to-Business Marketing, Business Development, Channel Development
  • Product development / QA / product safety
  • Launches - products, services, brands, companies

Work Location?

  • Hybrid - some time in office, some remote

What key functional expertise are you seeking? Choose as many as necessary.

  • Consumer marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • Communications
  • CRM
  • B2B sales / business development
  • Product development

What seniority level or years of experience does your business seek for its job candidates?

  • Executive
  • Director
  • Manager
  • < 10 years experience
  • 10-15 years experience
  • 16-20 years experience
  • > 20 years experience

What type of work does your business require?

  • Hire - full-time -permanent

When does your Business wish to have work started on this job?

  • Time-sensitive, wanting to start soon.

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