Posted on 2022-11-03
Anthea Anthea

Strategic Planning and Vision Statement

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  •  Waterloo
  • CA$1,000.00  / project

Overview of the Expertise Listing or Job Posting

Whether you are a start up or an established business, your business is growing.

You are excited about the future, and have a unique approach to how you deliver your service.

The only thing missing is a clear Vision that is the foundation for your business.

When challenges arise, it will keep you focused on the future.

You'll be able to leverage it as a way to gain the support of others in expanding your business.

The problem is, getting clear and describing your Vision in a compelling way to others can feel overwhelming.

I can help.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and owner of a 7 figure business, I am now sharing one of my best kept secrets to business success with others.

Lets work together to create and share your Vision with the world in a unique, creative, and compelling way.

(a) How many years of business or and/or other organizations experience do you have? and (b) What seniority level(s) do you have significant experience at?

  • 20+ years of experience

What functional areas do you have experience in?

  • Consumer Marketing
  • Project / Program Management

What sectors / industries do you have significant experience in?

  • Other

What types of products and/or services do you have significant experience with?

  • Other

What key barriers to growth / issues that businesses might face are you most able to help them with?

  • Other