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Our talent sourcing platform complements your talent acquisition strategy, for any organization from startup, small and medium-sized to large.

  • The only freelance marketplace connecting Age 45+ Expertise to help solve business challenges.

  • All functions, seniorities, industries.

  • For consultations, contracts, or employment.


Your 5 business outcomes from the 5 ways Age 45+ businesspeople create value:



Ultimate Flexibility: From Knowledge "Snacking" to Full-time Employment

Especially for Startups, Small and Medium-sized businesses: We call it "Knowledge Snacking" when you just want to meet Age 45+ Expertise for a few hours  or more to:

  • pick their brains

  • bounce ideas off

  • tap their networks


Whatever kind of talent you need and why you need it

From filling some personnel gaps with relevant skills to driving your business to the next level by filling knowledge gaps. In all cases, you get the value added from Age 45+ Talent in the 5 ways they create value.




Find Talent by:

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Do both ways, free, to optimize your talent pool opportunities, today and in future.

Our messaging function lets you contact talent and they contact you. 


See some great examples of high value use of age 45+ expertise.



How to Complete a Transaction

When you find a match, Age 45+ Expertise to Business, the business commissioning the work and payment details:


Completing a Transaction


 To discuss how we can satisfy your requirements, email David.Smith@Elderberry.work or use our Contact Us form .


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